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What our customers are saying

Simple, Useful, Everything I wanted…

"Been testing various “Taxi Meter” apps for a couple months now. Came across this one using the search term “meter”. From the moment I opened it everything has been exactly what I wanted in a meter app and I just discovered the Square payment connection which was more than I expected. This app will be very useful to me for quite some time to come and ends my search."


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Dude! This app is awesome!

"I just started using this app but I really do think that they built it very well and put in a lot of features. There’s really no other app like it the Taximeter app that I tried before this was super ghetto compared to this. There is no comparison this is the best app that I have downloaded in a long time thank you very much for creating this app and consider charging $.99 for it in the future at least."

Ozzco mero

App Store Review

The best app for taxis

"If you're running a taxi service you need this app in your life. It's everything you need to run your business, great interface and awesome features. Super happy this exists."

Ten star taxi

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