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Meter Enterprise

Meter Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution for modern taxi fleets. Features include:
• Add unlimited drivers to your Meter Fleet.
• All Fleet drivers unlock Meter Pro.
• Secure Credit Card Payments: Stripe QR Code Payments, Stripe displays all compatible payment methods to your customers when checking out, This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay. PayPal Here or Square.
• Set up a single QR code for all drivers, all payments go to the fleet account.
• Fares are centrally managed and synced to all devices.
• Trips are automatically synced to the cloud and can be accessed by the Meter Fleet Console.
• Driver and fleet level analytics to improve efficiency.
• Business website and contact information can be added to receipts and invoices.
• Add extra fees unlimitedly.
• Check the availability of your drivers in the fleet console and assign a service.
• Trip estimates.
• Monitor the real-time location of your drivers. Exclusively for Android users, {feature coming soon on iOS}.
• Send receipts.
• Unlimited custom rates.
• Ad Free experience.
$7.00 USD per driver, per month.

Meter Fleet:

Organize drivers under a centrally managed system with Meter Fleet. All devices that are linked will get Meter Pro capabilities. This includes charging credit cards, fare estimates, and sending receipts to customers and much more. Additionally fare structures, tariffs, and tolls can all be centrally managed and will be synchronized automatically across the fleet. Please see the full details for Meter Fleet.

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